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Our Mission

Enable local businesses to operate with modern and secure technology.

Network Consultation

Struggling with slow network speeds, unreliable connectivity, or security vulnerabilities? We can assess your current network setup and provide recommendations to optimize performance and ensure security. From hardware to software, we'll work with you to identify the best solutions for your specific needs. Get the most out of your network and enhance operations today with our network consultation services!

Infrastructure Automation

Looking to streamline your infrastructure management and reduce manual errors? With automation, you can deploy, configure, and manage your infrastructure with ease, freeing up your team to focus on higher-level tasks. Plus, automation can improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and ultimately save your company time and money. Don't wait, automate your infrastructure today!

Onsite Service

In need of reliable onsite IT services? Our skilled technicians can come to you, equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to quickly diagnose and resolve any IT issues you may be facing. From hardware repairs to software installations and more, we'll provide personalized support and assistance to ensure your systems are running smoothly. Don't let IT problems slow down your business.

About Us

We are a team of engineers aimed at providing businesses with reliable infrastructure.

  • We serve our clients with respect and understand that it’s not easy running a business.
  • We help our clients choose the best solution for each individual situation.
  • We believe relationships are more important than comissions.
  • We handle our client's security the same way we handle ours!


In-Person services available in Eastern Washington


Remote consultations are available in many situations.


Have a unique situation, and unsure if we can help? Email us at info@innode.net

Network Consultation

Our team has a deep understanding of all things networking. We have designed and deployed large scale ISP networks, long-haul DWDM fiber transport systems, 30+ kilometer wireless links, multi-building wireless networks, and much more. With InNode, you can count on the reliability of your network.

Infrastructure Automation

Whether you need to deploy a single web server, or a thousand worker nodes, we'll find a solution that can work for you. From image creation to application deployment, we can improve your IT posture by codifying your infrastructure, . With an Infrastructure as code workflow, .

Private Cloud Management

Are you still running ESXi 5.5?


Are you?

System Management

The most common service clients need is server & workstation management. We utilze cutting edge management tools to keep systems patched, monitored, and virus free.


Dedicated IT Professionals

Bredan Coon


Brendan is Cisco certified with years of experience working with carrier networks and designing infrastructure for small and medium size businesses. Brendan likes to spend his time off backpacking, fishing, playing guitar, and enjoying photography in the beautiful Spokane area.

Christopher Adams


Chris enjoys programming in python, deploying infrastructure as terraform code, and configuring services with ansible.



Spokane, WA




(509) 960-5990

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