What we do best:


Wireless access design, site-to-site VPNs, MPLS, or eBGP, InNode has your network covered! We help our clients keep ahead of the competition and away from costly downtime.


Automating the movement of data can streamline any business's operations. We write custom code to move data from one place to another - anything from anywhere!

Managed IT

Whether it's servers, workstations, printers, or VoIP phone systems - InNode can keep all your tech managed, updated, secured, and monitored. We use cutting-edge software to backup, patch, and monitor our client's equipment, without breaking your budget!

Managed Security

Most businesses aren't aware of what's going on inside their office network. Whether it's torrenting, YouTube, or spreading viruses - it's important to keep track of the "data highways" that networks are. We offer a range of network monitoring solutions to keep your network safe!

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